See Indicators in Backtest

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WHRoeder 2015.05.31 13:49 #
Chistabo 2015.05.31 14:17 #

Well, lucky me, I have just found workaround of this (peculiar) issue:

- Have indicator open in MetaEditor;

- Start EA testing, put indicator on chart (via Menu or Load template) and put period separators on chart (toggle with [Ctrl-Y]); it works for me, since I am testing on 1h, and indic changes once daily;

- When price (time-wise) passes the period separator (and indic should update), [Alt-Tab] to MetaEditor and hit (gently please) [F5] to compile the indicator;

- This also updates indicator on testing chart! Huray!

Still, this is not the solution I am looking for. After all, it is A.D. 2015.

Best regards,


S love nia

Chistabo 2015.05.31 14:47 #

Use user's can't. This is a user's forum not Metaquotes.

I never said nor thought it was MetaQuotes forum.

I thought it is problem with not optimal Indicator code.

The last time I reported to MetaQuotes, it looked like no-one is really reading the reports.

This seems to be an issue many many years old. Since they have not solved this, I can only guess it is on MetaQuotes 'Ignore' list.


S love nia

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