If I trade manually, what magic number does MT4 use?

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jjc 2009.09.16 18:45 #

I was assuming we were talking about interfacing an EA to a broker and making use of the MQL framework. That is, after all, the subject matter of this forum. In the context of coding within the MQL framework, it is impossible. The MT4 server platform identifies expert vs manual trading messages to the broker.

I thought you were still responding to GreatShore's suggestion of simulating mouse clicks.

Strictly speaking, if you could get the documentation of the MT4-to-broker protocol, or reverse engineer it, then you could send automated trades as manual trades. So that's not absolutely impossible either. (But it would again be a lot of work for no obvious reward.)

Please tell me no-one would dream of writing some MT4 screen-scraping DLL to call from an EA.

Well, GreatShore seems to be dreaming of it...

cloudbreaker 2009.09.16 19:02 #

JJC - I was still responding on that point.

Anything's possible in theory. However, yes, the GreatShore screen-scraping option is impractical at best. And impossible within the MT4/MQL framework.

Whilst out doing the gardening, strangely, enough I also came to the conclusion that, is one were to attempt to construct something outside of the framework, then to alter the "I'm an EA" bit in the client server protocol would be by far the more elegant of the two (impractical) solutions.

Bottom line - if your broker starts playing silly-buggers with you (and its not easily dealt with by implementing something like a stealth stoploss), then rather than finding some half-baked, long-winded way of playing silly-buggers back, one's investors would prefer a broker review.


Chi 2009.09.16 21:11 #

Yes, it's a lot of work simulating mouse clicks...hacking client-server protocols...etc.

On the other hand, a broker offering low spreads on EURGBP and EURCHF for scalping in Asian session, 5-digit pricing, very low requotes is also hard to find, nearly doesn't exist.

Chi 2009.09.19 20:58 #

For anyone who is interested - before I can learn Windows programming to simulate mouse click and key strokes of manual trade, currently when my own EA sees requotes from broker, it calls Refresh() and checks if opportunity still exists FOR 3 TIMES.

It seems not so bad this way, though it still can't match demo account performance which never gets a requote.

At least it is a good compromise for now.

fuzz 2011.10.03 17:57 #


Does anyone know MQL4 developers? I want to suggest them making EA completely anonymous.

If you need a good developer's service then I can help.

Simulating clicks and presses is possible.

Write to fuzzfx//at//gmail//com

RaptorUK 2011.10.03 18:29 #

If you need a good developer's service then I can help.

Simulating clicks and presses is possible.

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fuzz 2011.10.04 10:17 #


Idiot is one here. it's you alone.

Moders, please ban him for off topic

RaptorUK 2011.10.04 10:47 #
LOL, you respond to a 2 year old post by Advertising your "good developer's service" do you not know that Advertising is not allowed here ?
fuzz 2011.10.04 12:25 #
I know. It's response to subject for people who want to hide their EAs from brokers. Where will they solve that problem if not at that place? I have continued topic that was not locked. I may cut e-mail, if it breaks rules.
batchboy999 2015.09.14 05:56 #

I chatted online with one broker who welcomes Forex robots - www.fxcbs.com.

Interesting enough, operator said they can still tell if it is an automated trade or manual trade even an EA uses blank trade comment and zero magic number. That is their claim.

I think it's unfair treatment. Does anyone know MQL4 developers? I want to suggest them making EA completely anonymous.

Actually, I bought an external auto trader of one sort that has an available block that can do a trade looking as if manual. This software has its own trading plan.
Can this be done with an EA? Hmmm, don't know, but get ahold of programmers that do both mql +.dll (C++) to see if its possible, that be a cool external software interfacing with mt4.  Y9u can find such mql and dll programmers via google.
Ahhh, just realized who might know, same guy for software mentioned above, Boris of iticsoftware. 
Maybe by just having EA give sigs and the dll receive to make software give its interface directions to mt4 looking manual, and there you go.  

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