EA loading & removing the indicator all over again??

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fridayda13_2016 2016.07.17 00:05 #
This is an English language Forum,  please use English if you are going to post . . ..  and please don't reply to posts that are 4 years old,  there is usually little point.

Again I have to disagree, Raptor....

It evidently appears on top of my Google searches, so there must be a reason, and the reason is probably that this is the best explanation of the answers I seek for my questions. 

WHRoeder 2016.07.17 18:55 #
fridayda13_2016: Again I have to disagree, Raptor....
  1. So much as changed in the terminal, especially since build 600 (2014) That most posts before that are irrelevant.
  2. And here you bring up a 3 year old post and all you state is is "I have to disagree." You've just made hundreds of people read your useless remark. Stop posting to old threads unless you have a very good reason.
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