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where can I download fibonacci retracement and extension indicator?

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Forex Ranking & Rating Tue. Wk48 / 25-11-2014. Analysis on 4 time frames with the Ichimoku & MACD indicator
EUR/CAD: Short position opened. EUR is having a pull back on different pairs but remains still a weaker currency and this offers an opportunity to take a short position on the EUR/CAD. Although the EUR is still holding well it is still weak against the USD and the CAD and the downtrend may resume any moment.
cosmos110 2011.01.30 18:21 #
I'm with you. MT4 is a good program but their concept of "Fibonacci Retracement Values" leaves a lot to be desired. I don't see how anybody could use the Fibo Tool that comes standard with the program.
conjure 2013.04.18 23:15 #
where can i find fibo projection tools??
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