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SuperTrend Indicator to slow

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Botts 2012.04.20 07:25


I am using the SuperTrend indicator as part of an EA, but the indicator is very slow and is making the testing incredibly slow.

Can anyone help with how to speed it up?



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19730719 2012.04.20 10:49 #
   if(counted_bars > 0) counted_bars--;
   for (i = Bars; i >= 0; i--) { <---replace Bars with limit.
WHRoeder 2012.04.20 16:35 #

i = Bars is wrong. You can't access Close[Bars], it does not exist.

limit = Bars - counted_bars is wrong. When counted_bars == 0 limit points beyond.

The decrement is unnecessary Contradictory information on IndicatorCounted() - MQL4 forum

for (i = Bars - 1 - counted_bars; i >= 0; i--) {

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