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Too Many Files Opened.

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ForexSurfr 2012.02.04 18:49

Can someone help me with the below code? The problem I am having is that I am getting the error code "Too Many Files Opened". What doesn't make sense to me is that I have the FileOpen and FileClose on the outer block of code. Shouldn't the while be working properly?

//|                                             CheckModeling#12.mq4 |
//|                                      |
//|                               |

extern string FileName1 = "EURUSD#1.txt";
extern string FileName2 = "EURUSD#2.txt";
extern string FileName3 = "EURUSD#3.txt";
extern string FileName4 = "EURUSD#4.txt";

extern string TextToAppend1 = "";
extern string TextToAppend2 = "1";

int count;

int handle1 = 0;
//handle1 = FileOpen(FileName1,FILE_CSV|FILE_READ|FILE_WRITE);

int start()
   handle1 = FileOpen(FileName1,FILE_CSV|FILE_READ|FILE_WRITE);
   while(count < 10000000000)
      //handle1 = FileOpen(FileName1,FILE_CSV|FILE_READ|FILE_WRITE);
      if(count <= 2000000000000)
      count = count + 1;


Attached files:
  checkmodelingr12.mq4  (1.19 KB)
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RaptorUK 2012.02.04 18:55 #
You Return before you close the file . . . . then on the next tick open the file again, etc, etc
ForexSurfr 2012.02.04 19:02 #
You Return before you close the file . . . . then on the next tick open the file again, etc, etc

Ah, I see.


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