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nrp zig zag on close

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MrH 2011.09.21 20:18


I'm looking for a non-repainting version of the zig zag indicator (it doesn't draw the last leg: that's why it does not "repaint") calculated only on the close, not the high and low (like the standard version).

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Given attractive yields on the greenback and the strong progress of the US economy, investors' buying of the currency is expected to persist Neal Kimberley PUBLISHED : Sunday, 22 March, 2015, 7:37pm  The US dollar should continue to rise, if at a slower pace, even though the Federal Reserve, while giving itself the option to raise interest rates, may choose to do so more slowly and perhaps go less high than markets had expected, and had been positioned for, before Wednesday's policy statement.
qjol 2011.09.21 21:31 #
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