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Moving Average.mq4

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ASAR 2011.06.20 05:16

Is there some place I can find the basic information on the Moving Average EA that comes with MT4? I've done a search for it and have turned up everything including a page of its code but I've found nothing that simply provides a basic description of the EA.

Visual Optimization of Indicator and Signal Profitability
This article is a continuation and development of my previous article "Visual Testing of Profitability of Indicators and Alerts". Having added some interactivity to the parameter changing process and having reworked the study objectives, I have managed to get a new tool that does not only show the prospective trade results based on the signals used but also allows you to immediately get a layout of deals, balance chart and the end result of trading by moving virtual sliders that act as controls for signal parameter values in the main chart.
WHRoeder 2011.06.20 17:09 #
Just look at the code
//---- buy conditions
   if(Open[1]<ma && Close[1]>ma)
Opens when a bar crosses the MA
ASAR 2011.06.20 22:36 #
Just look at the code Opens when a bar crosses the MA

With a little more searching, I've finally found it.

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