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Remove an EA through MQL4 code

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gjrexach 2011.05.07 03:11


Does anybody know if there is a way to remove an active EA/INDICATOR programmatically(using MQL4 code), rather than manually(going to the EA/INDICATOR properties and removing it)?

Any responses will be appreciated

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forexCoder 2011.05.07 03:15 #

Not in Mql4 afaik.

Mql5 has this functionality built in.

forexCoder 2011.05.08 04:18 #
Woop 0.o bloody nice.
gjrexach 2011.05.30 22:13 #

Sorry for late response. Didnt think anybody would answer it intelligently. Thank you VERY MUCH .. Havent tried it but will soon.

BTW... read your post on the link... I agree with you. Although I am a firm believer in "The only stupid question is the one you dont ask", as all rules go,"Every Rule has an exception,EXCEPT THIS ONE"

Thanks again


royclark 2013.08.13 04:55 #

Hi I have not seen any real answer to this question, now 2 years old. So I propose the solution in code form. Easy really when you know how.!

PS If you really like this code (only mt4 coding necessary) maybe you will put a couple of likes somewhere.

//|                                                 test.mq4         |
//| OPERATION:-                                                      |
//|  test  drop EA from chart                                        |
#property copyright "Copyright © 2011, MetaQuotes Software Corp."
#property link      ""
#property show_inputs
#property stacksize 1024
#define MT4_WMCMD_REMOVE_EXPERT   33050 /* Remove expert advisor from chart */
#define MT4_WMCMD_EXPERT_INPUTS   33048 /* Open expert Inputs dialog */
#include <stderror.mqh>
#include <stdlib.mqh>
#include <WinUser32.mqh> // required for MessageBox()
// --- user32.dll is required for MessageBoxA and PostMessageA
#import "user32.dll"
   int    MessageBoxA(int hWnd, string lpText, string lpCaption, int uType);
//  MessageBoxA Parameters:
//  hWnd      -   Windowshandle() Chart symbol
//  lpText    -   Optional text that contains the message to be displayed. or NULL 
//  lpCaption -   Optional text to be displayed in the header of the dialog box. If NULL displays the expert name. 
//  uType     -   Optional flags that determine the type of buttons displayed as per flags in MessageBox().
//                eg. MB_OK MB_OKCANCEL MB_YESNO
//  return codes - As MessageBox() eg IDOK IDCANCEL IDABORT IDYES IDCONTINUE says these buttons were selected                  
//  PostMessageA Parameters:
//               PostMessageA(hWnd, WM_COMMAND, mydefine, 0);
//  hWnd      -   Windowshandle() Chart symbol
//  WM_COMMAND-   Windows Command instruction
//  mydefine  -   Any #define integer from aswincmds.mqh  
//---- input parameters . WinUser32 above is required for messagebox

// messageboxA and PostMessageA variables
int            hWnd, uType, mydefine;
string         lpText, lpCaption; 

//| program start function                                    |
int start()
  Print("Trying to drop expert from chart");
  // string name=WindowExpertName(); 
  // GlobalVariablesDeleteAll(name);
// remove the comment slashes above if you really want to delete Globals
  lpText="Your subscription has expired, so I will now remove the Expert from the Chart";
  lpCaption="Subscription Expired "+WindowExpertName();
  MessageBoxA(hWnd,lpText,lpCaption,uType); // display removing Expert message with only "OK" button
  PostMessageA(hWnd, WM_COMMAND, mydefine, 0); // drop from chart
  } // end start

WHRoeder 2013.08.13 16:47 #
royclark: I have not seen any real answer to this question, now 2 years old.
Why did you dig up a two year old post that already had the links to How do I close an Expert programmatically? - MQL4 forum and #define's for known commands that can be used for PostMessageA() - MQL4 forum and post exactly the same thing?

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