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Need help with Wilders indicator for MT

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frantacech 2006.09.02 22:44

I have just started studying the MT programing and I am in need of a Wilders indicator.

That feature has been integrated into Amibroker AFL but may not be included into MT though I am unable to locate the code anywhere else.

Can you help me, please?

Your sincerely,

In AmiBroker:

WILDERS- Wilder's smoothing

Moving averages, summation
(AFL 1.4)

SYNTAX wilders( ARRAY, periods )
FUNCTION Calculates Wilder's average of the ARRAY using periods averaging range
EXAMPLE wilders( close, 10 );

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EUR/USD advances beyond 1.1300
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frantacech 2006.09.04 03:47 #


Please, I need equivalent this Wilders from AFL to MQ4.

Metastock Function
Wilder's Smoothing -- syntax: wilders(data, periods)

Trademan Equivalent Indicator or Function
Absolute Value -- syntax: abs(data) abs(data)

Define wilders(data, periods) as
emov(parm1, 2*parm2-1)


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